Assisted Living in Saskatoon with hotel-like services

Bethany Place offers Assisted Living housing, which provides hotel-like services, including three meals a day and scheduled housekeeping and linen service. Optional services available for an additional fee include personal laundry service, night check (two per night), and assistance to the dining room. If the resident is ill or recuperating from a hospital stay or procedure, temporary meal delivery to the suite is available for an additional fee as well.

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Bethany is an affordable housing complex. As a result, we are required to obtain income evidence. At time of admission, please provide a copy of your most recent annual income tax evidence (T1 is acceptable, but Notice of Assessment is preferred). This information will be used to ensure we are meeting the requirements of an affordable housing designation, and for our statistical records, and will be kept in your confidential resident file.

Suites are filled using either a rental or a Life Lease contract. The number of suites available as Life Lease or Rental units is set by the Board.

Bethany Place Assisted Living Rental & Life Lease Apartments

  • 211 Pinehouse Drive
  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 558 sq ft to 710 sq ft
  • Rent ranges from $2,603 to $2,884/month for single occupancy, and $3,596 to $3,877 for double occupancy
  • Life Lease fees range from $2,503 to $2,552 for single occupancy, and $3,496 to $3,545 for double occupancy.


  • Life Lease debenture (purchase) prices range from $89,975 to $101,028
  • Rent/Fees include assisted living services, meals, heat, air conditioning, water/sewer, electricity
  • Most units have a step-in shower (not a bathtub).
  • The above debenture ranges are base prices only that do not include the cost of suite improvements and/or balcony enclosures (if applicable).
  • Internal requests for Bethany Place Assisted Living housing are honoured prior to the external waiting list.

Resident Aide contact numbers

  • Between 7:30 AM to 6 PM ONLY
  • Day number between 7 AM to 7 PM
  • Night number between 7 PM to 7 PM