About Bethany Manor

A welcoming community for seniors

Bethany Manor is a community of people aged 55+ living in a loving, Christian environment. Owned and operated by Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc., we are a faith-based organization and spiritual care is one of our priorities.

Residents from any background and faith are welcome at Bethany. Our community is respectful of the beliefs of residents and staff.

Our Mission

Providing residents with safe, affordable housing, and an enriched quality of life through programs and services.

Our Values

To demonstrate Christ honouring integrity through:

  • Safety.
  • Relationship – staff to residents, residents to residents, staff to God, residents to God.
  • Stewardship – never compromise safety for stewardship.
  • Quality of Life – to maintain independence while considering costs.
Certifications & associations
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Our history

The idea for Bethany Manor began in April 1980 when representatives from five Mennonite churches met to explore the housing needs of seniors in Saskatoon. Through discussion, research and surveys, a recommendation was formed to develop a a non-profit housing project to accommodate 150-200 seniors and to form a senior citizens housing and care services board with representation from the churches.

In May 1981, a planning committee was struck, and a motion made to name the board Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services, and the organization became incorporated in December 1981.

In December 1983, the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation approved a 70-suite building, and Bethany Manor was the name chosen by the board from six suggestions.

The first residents moved in January 1986.

Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc. was originally made up of 13 Mennonite churches from Saskatoon and area, 11 of which remain today:

  • Aberdeen Mennonite Church
  • Cornerstone Church (Mennonite)
  • First Mennonite Church
  • Langham Mennonite Fellowship
  • Mount Royal Mennonite Church
  • Nutana Park Mennonite Church
  • Osler Mennonite Church
  • Pleasant Hill Mennonite Church
  • Pleasant Point Mennonite Church
  • Warman Mennonite Church
  • Wildwood Mennonite Church


We value our dedicated staff who make Bethany Manor such a wonderful place to live!

Office staff, Coordinators, and the Executive Director.
Resident Services
Food Services

Board of Directors

Bethany Manor is owned and operated by Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc. The SMCSI Board of Directors is comprised of one member from each of the 11 supporting Mennonite churches. Incorporated in 1981, Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc. is a non-profit, registered charity.

2024 Updates:

Debby Dear from First Mennonite retired from the Board. Victoria Neufeldt has been appointed by First Mennonite as Debby’s replacement.

Charlotte Bueckert has joined the Board, from Langham Mennonite Fellowship.

Lorraine Neufeld has joined the Board, from Aberdeen Mennonite Church.

Executive Director

Jerry Letkeman

It is an honour for me to extend a cheerful welcome to Bethany Manor. Beginning in 1986 we have grown into a large family of current and past residents, staff, volunteers, board members, friends and family. We encourage you to use this website to explore what we’re all about and join us in celebrating this amazing community. I look forward to connecting with many of you!

Jerry Letkeman