Q: Do you have to be Mennonite to live at Bethany?

A: No. Applicants must be age 55+ and able to live independently (or with assistance in designated areas).

Q: Is Bethany a faith-based organization?

A: Yes. Bethany is a Christian organization and spiritual care is one of our priorities. However, you do not need to be Christian or affiliated to any specific religion to live at Bethany. There may be a diversity of faiths at Bethany.  Residents are asked to be respectful of our Mission and values, and the beliefs of other residents and staff, and recognize that practicing faith is part of the Bethany community and events. Worship services, prayer groups and bible studies will be held on site, and prayer will occur at Bethany events, and grace will be said at Bethany meals, etc.

Q: How long will I have to wait before I can move in?

A: This depends on which lists you are on. There are actually more than 40 different waiting lists! On average, most lists require a wait of three or more years, and some as long as 10+ years. However, sometimes smaller units, Assisted Living suites or townhouses come available more quickly.

There are separate lists for:
• rental and life lease,
• independent living, assisted living and personal care,
• apartments and townhouses
• one bedroom, two bedroom and two bedroom with den units
• suites available with modifications for wheelchair use.
• affordable housing
• subsidized housing (Social Housing)

Q: What happens if I say no to a suite?

A: Your name is dropped to the bottom of the list for that particular suite, but this does not affect your standing on any other lists you may be on.

Q: Is smoking allowed at Bethany?

A: Not exactly! Smoking cigarettes, and e-cigarettes/vaping, including holding a lit cigarette or powered-on e-cigarette, is prohibited within 20 feet of all buildings at Bethany Manor including Bethany Court. Please be aware that this automatically includes all balconies and decks. The Courtyard area (including gazebo, patio, benches, swing seats, picnic tables, etc.) is also completely smoke-free. In addition, this directive applies to all visitors.

Q: Are pets permitted at Bethany?

A: No pet (dog, cat or other animal) shall be brought in or kept on the premises, except with written permission of the Executive Director. Permission will be granted for service animals*, and permission may be granted for fish tanks and other contained pets (some conditions will apply).

*Service animals are working animals, not pets. According to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, service animals are specifically trained to provide specialized services to a person with physical, psychiatric, intellectual or mental disabilities. The requirement to accommodate a service animal only occurs when a person with a recognized disability requires an animal with the specialized training needed to assist them with a recognized disability. An animal whose sole function is to provide comfort, companionship or emotional support does not qualify as a service animal. Having an emotional attachment to a pet does not trigger any duty for Bethany to accommodate it or permit it within the premises. In other words, therapy animals or emotional support animals, which provide therapeutic benefits but do not have specialized training to provide services for the disabled, are not permitted. Service animals must be harnessed, leashed and/or tethered at all times in Bethany common areas, unless such a device will impede or interfere with the service(s) for which the animal is specifically trained to provide.
- Bethany Manor may designate and pre-arrange therapy dog or other therapy animal visits within the premises.
- Budgies are kept in the common hall adjoining the Resident Services areas for the enjoyment of assisted living and personal care residents, but all residents can enjoy interacting with these sweet little guys! Please do not let them out of the cage.
- Please contact the Executive Director for any queries regarding animals/pets at Bethany Manor.

Q: May I change suites once I live at Bethany

A: At time of move-in, new residents may choose to remain on one waiting list. Existing residents may also request an internal move with approval required by the Bethany Executive Director. The cost of discretionary moves will be passed on to the resident. This includes, but is not limited to, restoration costs, loss of revenue, and a $600 administration fee.


Q: What happens if my housing needs change after I move to Bethany Manor?

A: Bethany Residents are given priority for vacancies in Bethany’s Assisted Living and/or Personal Care. No administration fee is charged for moves when residents demonstrate need for additional care. Residents with urgent need may apply for placement on the Need List.

Q: My parent lives at Bethany. Do you have any gift ideas?

A: Yes! Gift cards are available for meals, and the Corner Nook convenience store (call the Office at 306-242-9019). Gift certificates are also available for the Hair Salon (call the Salon at 306-242-4143).

Q: Does Bethany Manor provide transportation?

A: No. We do not have our own shuttle/bus; however, City of Saskatoon Transit bus stops are located conveniently outside on La Ronge Road and Pinehouse Drive, and we recommend contacting Access Transit at (306) 975-3555 for transportation options.

Q: Is parking included in my rent or monthly lease fee?

A: No. Parking charges are in addition to rent or monthly lease fee.

Q: Is cable included in my rent or monthly lease fee?

A: No. Cable charges are in addition to rent or monthly lease fee. Residents may choose to participate in Bethany’s group arrangement with Shaw Cable, or they may choose to subscribe to another provider. Satellite dishes are not approved.

Q: Is there a mandatory requirement to purchase meals at Bethany Manor?

A: Meals are included/mandatory in the Bethany Place Assisted Living and Bethany Villa Personal Care suites. For all independent living residents at Bethany, meals are available but are optional.

Q: Can I hang pictures on the wall?

A: Yes. Residents may, at their discretion, decorate their suite, which includes furnishing, pictures or other artwork, and other décor features that are not fixed. Small nails or picture hanging hardware may be used to hang pictures and this is considered reasonable wear and tear; however if holes are large and/or in excessive number, damages charges may apply at move-out. Other changes or improvements within the suite require pre-approval from the Main Office.

Q: May visitors stay with me?

A: Residents may host overnight guests in their suites. Guest suites may also be rented.