Meal Information

Meals are available three times a day, 365 days per year in the Dining Room

Each resident receives the monthly dining room menu in the newsletter.

Residents reserve their place in the dining room by purchasing a meal pass, or by using a meal ticket and calling the kitchen at

(306) 242-2353
at least one day in advance of the meal.

Meal tickets and passes may be purchased in the Office.

Family and friends are welcome. Meals are available with same day notice at an additional $2 charge per person.


Meal Prices

Meal Ticket Prices are:

Breakfast - $6.95

Main Meal (Noon) - $11.95

Light Meal (Supper) - $9.15

Children ages 6 to 12 - $5.55
Children under age 6 - $3.35

-The above ticket prices include GST and PST.
-Tickets purchased in advance at the Bethany Manor Main Office in bundles of 10 do not require taxes.
-Meal tickets do not expire.
-When using tickets, book a reservation with the kitchen in advance (24-hours) - 306-242-2353.

Monthly Meal Pass prices are:

Noon Meal Pass - $295/month

Supper Meal Pass - $235/month

Every Meal Pass - $585/month

-Meal passes are tax exempt.
-Meal passes start on the 1st of a month only.

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity?
Volunteer dining room servers are needed. Please click below for more information.


Click here for this month's menu!

Soup and Sandwich Bistro

Drop in at our Soup & Sandwich Bistro for a light lunch, located in the Manor Multi-Purpose Room (MMPR) by the Kitchen.
Menu and prices will be posted. Available Tuesday to Thursday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.