Subsidized Independent Living


Units are filled according to need as determined by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) Social Housing Program guidelines, and are subject to an income ceiling and other eligibility criteria as set by SHC.

In order to qualify, applicants’ total annual household income shall not exceed $42,000 for singles and $50,600 for couples.
Rent is subsidized by SHC.
Applications for subsidized units must be submitted with evidence of the previous year’s annual income tax (line 150 income) and shelter costs must be noted.
One- and two-bedroom units; couples only for two-bedroom units. Most units have bathtubs.

As suites in this area become available, all applicants are required to submit evidence of their total last month’s income, as well as other items such as rent receipts, landlord references for renters / personal references for home owners, heat bills, property tax and mortgage statements, and home insurance for home owners. Upon receipt of all required information, the applicant is scored and the applicants are contacted in point score order. We are not permitted to reveal point scores.
Rent is based on 35% of monthly income (30% for lease rent plus 5% for common costs/amenities), plus $50 for electricity. Rent includes heat and water.
Common (shared) laundry room on each floor (no coins required).

Number of Suites

  • 1 bdrm 9
  • 2 bdrm 12

Some suites available with modifications for wheelchair use.

Social Housing Information