Bethany Court

Independent Living Life Lease Townhouses

18 units; duplexes and fourplexes. Units range in size from 1,143 sq ft to 1,353 sq ft for two or three bedrooms. Two bathrooms, including one with step-in shower.
Debentures (purchase prices) range from $225,000 - $245,500.
Please note debenture ranges noted above are base prices that do not include the costs of improvements (if applicable).

Monthly Occupancy fees range from $1,222 to $1,290/month plus heating and electrical.
Units feature five appliances, a partial basement that may be finished or unfinished (we do not guarantee finished basements and we do not refurbish any finished basements), laundry room on main floor, and an attached single-car garage.
Access to many amenities and activities in Bethany Manor.
Applicants are contacted in the order applications are received. Applicants may apply for a rental option as well.
Buy back of LIfe Lease units is based on debenture price minus 2% depreciation/year for first 10 years of occupancy, then 1% depreciation/year for the next 10 years, after which depreciation will end.

Floor Plans

A $200 non-refundable application fee is required when applying for Life Lease housing. This covers administration costs related to Bethany offering up to three separate life lease units to the applicant. If the applicant accepts the first life lease unit offered, the fee is refunded. If the applicant declines the first life lease unit offered, the fee is lost but they continue on the waiting list. Whenever three Life Lease units have been offered and declined, a $200 application fee is required to stay on the waiting list. Requesting removal from all Life Lease waiting lists constitutes the forfeit of the application fee.

Life Lease Application

As noted above, there are a few rental options within the Bethany Court Townhouses.

Rental Application