Bethany Manor is an excellent community for seniors looking to live in a Christian environment.

Bethany Manor is a community of seniors, aged 55+, living in a loving, Christian environment. Bethany Manor was envisioned by 13 Saskatchewan Mennonite churches, and is owned and operated by Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc. Bethany Manor welcomes applications from all seniors (55+)!

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Our Mission is:

Providing residents with safe,
affordable housing and an enriched quality of life
through programs and services.

Our Values are:

“To demonstrate Christ-honoring integrity through…
1. Safety
2. Relationship - staff to residents, residents to residents, staff to God, residents to God
3. Stewardship - never compromise safety for stewardship
4. Quality of Life - to maintain independence while considering costs”

Board of Directors

Bethany Manor is owned and operated by Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc. (SMCSI). The SMCSI Board of Directors is comprised of one member from each of the 11 remaining participating Mennonite churches. Incorporated in 1981, Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services Inc. is a non-profit, registered charity.

2021 Updates:
- Dennis Ens (Cornerstone) and Wilf Funk (Mount Royal) have retired from the Bethany Board in March, and the Hanley church has closed its doors after Easter; therefore, Hank Patkau was required to step down. Geraldine Balzer (Nutana Park) also retired at the end of June. We thank them all for their service on the Bethany Board.
- Dale Derksen has stepped into the Cornerstone position.
- Anita Retzlaff has stepped into the Nutana Park position. 
- The Mount Royal position remains vacant.
- Due to Executive Elections at the recent Annual General Meeting, officer positions have also changed, as follows:
     - Chair & West Ridge Village Rep - Ben Buhler (Osler)
     - Vice Chair - Eldon Driedger (Wildwood)
     - Treasurer - Doyle Wiebe (Langham)
     - Secretary - Ivan Gabrysh (Warman)


Our Staff

Bethany Manor's staff is comprised of highly skilled, friendly and caring professionals.

Executive Director

Jerry Letkeman

It is an honour for me to extend a cheerful welcome to Bethany Manor. Beginning in 1986 we have grown into a large family of current and past residents, staff, volunteers, board members, friends and family.  We encourage you to use this website to explore what we're all about and join us in celebrating this amazing community. I look forward to connecting with many of you!